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Symptoms of clogged Arteries?


Symptoms of clogged Arteries


Blockage artery is for many of us is normally a gradual process which occurs throughout  the years, the outward symptoms of clogged arteries could be mild in the beginning, and even go unnoticed. A good example is a sense of pressure within the upper chest which gets worse with exertion as a result of the reduction in oxygen supply to the heart. This can disappear

after resting for some time so the concern is often forgotten about and  the process of the condition continues.

Many people are totally unaware that they may have clogged arteries, due to the fact that most of the symptoms of clogged arteries can be likened with some other problems or even disregarded, lots of people find it hard to describe their symptoms to the Doctor which can eventually end in a misdiagnosis, meaning the disease is progressing and it could lead to coronary artery disease. out more of “ what is coronary artery disease ? ” and “ Reversing coronary artery disease ” here.

Here are a few of the symptoms of clogged arteries but this listing is by no means definitive.

  1. Frequent symptoms of indigestion
  2. Pain or discomfort in the center of the chest – which could be thought of as heart burn.
  3. General tiredness as well as napping during the day. – Lots of people put this down to old age however it does not need to be.
  4. Frequent perspiration
  5. On slight exertion of out of breath or short of breath
  6. Get Pain or aching in Legs  when walking
  7. Hands, arms or legs feeling cold
  8. A deep head ache when you are in cold weather.
  9. Memory loss and changes in mood
  10. Lack of enthusiastic or interesting in new things.
  11. Lack of concentration

The actual danger here through the progression of the disease is that calcium plaque is accumulating through the entire arterial system, in the possible case of a fragment of plaque breaks away in the artery it will flow in the bloodstream until it finally hits a narrow spot where it cannot pass, this makes a blockage artery which leads to worse problems. If this lodges in a heart it can cause a heart attack or even mini heart attack.
If this happens within the carotid (neck) arteries it is going to cause a stroke, obviously wherever it lodges the outcomes might be fatal.

Symptoms of clogged Arteries in Legs.


Symptoms of clogged Arteries in legs could be a sign of coronary artery disease

Generally clogged arteries from the legs is a really  gradual process. The very first appeared symptoms of clogged  arteries in legs is leg pains whenever attempting to walk uphill or strolling. This discomfort might be noticed in the top of the legs, the lower legs or ankles, this usually subsides with relaxing. However as the condition progresses even walking just short distances might not be possible and finally the pain might be experienced even if lying down or sitting . In the long term, this reduced circulation in legs may affect toenail or body hair development.


Symptoms of clogged Arterial in Renal/Kidney


Symptoms of clogged Arteries in kidney could cause kidney failure

In the case of a blockage artery occurring which feeds a renal/Kidney,  it is going to cause a powerful pain in side, this could cause kidney failure and you should  seek medical attention immediately. The above mentioned are not the only  areas of the body that may are afflicted by arterial disease but are the most typical, in case you suspect or experience any of the described symptoms of clogged arteries you need to seek medical assistance as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of clogged Arteries


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